Bela Crkva is a town in the south of Banat, 96 km from Belgrade and 180km from Novi Sad. With its picturesque surroundings, beautiful lakes, baroque facades,
parks, the famous “Carnival of Flowers” quality wines and fruit it attracts many tourists. In and around the town there is no “polluting” industries, so it
is considered to be ecologically clean area. The mountain air coming from the slope of the Carpathians, a large number of sunny days a year, local cuisine
and other amenities offer a real opportunity for refreshment and memorable holidays. Visitors are impressed with wonderful crystal clear lakes of which seven are good for swimming. They can choose lake with wild beaches and surrounded by unspoiled nature, or opt for a lake with all the possibilities that an urban beach offers – showers, restaurants, pastry shops, sports facilities, water sports, boats for rent.

Of the many events are the following:


The tourist season in Bela Crkva opens manifestation of Carnival of Flowers, which has a tradition of 150 years. Carnival of flowers is traditionally organized in
June, lasts seven days and has a rich cultural and artistic content. Numerous exhibitions of flowers, performances, sports competitions, folklore competition,
concerts on the square are organized every day and the culmination is the carnival parade with more than 30 exhibits with the carnival groups from the country and
abroad, MAJORETTES, police orchestra and of course fireworks at the main stage.


Motorcycle gathering takes place in July. It lasts three days and gathers between 500 and 1,000 motorcyclists from the country and abroad, and with them several
thousand visitors lovers of good fun and rock and roll. Many motorcycle competitions and a rock concert are organized.


“Fishing catfish” is the three-day event, which is organized in August, with the aim that as many guests enjoying the natural surroundings and fish and other
specialties. At that time, organized hunting catfish, then various competitions in fishing specialties such as fish soup, fish stew and others.